From the Bottom Up



Male or Female, Straight or Gay, Rich or Poor, Beautiful or Ugly, Thin or Fat and so on. It doesn’t matter which one you are because you are still a human and you deserve to be treated the same as every other human on this planet.

To this day I don’t understand why people have to judge or hate on someone being themselves and how they were born (Probably because I am still a young’un). You can’t change who you really are, and you’re gonna have to deal with it even though you might not like who you really are. You’re gonna have to embrace who you are at least once in you’re life. I’ve learned to do that with the help from a supportive and amazing friend.

My name is Brian Orellana, I am a 15 year old guy, I am gay, Latino, a gamer. Lover of YouTube, animals, music, and astronomy. I love who I am, the family and friends who support me everyday, my school and teachers, and I’m grateful for having this life. And you all should feel the same way about yourselves no matter who you are!